What are backlinks and how to use them

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Backlinks are one of the most impotent factors when we want to be high in ranking for google search.

What are backlinks?
Backlinks are links from other website/websites to your website, those links are supporting each other for better content.

High quality backlinks
are links that are coming from high authority websites and they are related to your topic.
those websites are having a lot of quality content, backlinks and visitors.

it is impotent to have links to your website with the same topic and category that you are in, category/subject for example if your website is selling cars then it is impotent that those links will will be from cars producers. 

What backlinks can do to you?
They can improve your organic ranking and you can be found faster on google.
you can get referral traffic to your website, when someone is reading a post on different website and he is clicking on the link to your website.

How to start?
Find well performing content that has many likes, sharing, comments.

how can i find content that fits my content and topic and keywords?
you can use this link: https://app.buzzsumo.com/content/web
and by searching for your keywords you can find related posts with engagement rate information.
according to the  engagement and reviewing the posts you can find high quality content on the web.

How can you get backlink to your website?
when you have found a post you are interesting to get a backlink from, you can try to write your own post in your blog that will have extra value to the original post with extra and deeper information. Longer text intend to perform better in google search, design your post in a way that it will be nice and interesting to stay and read your post.
use images, videos, design elements to make the content more inviting to read and stay on your blog post.

when you have finish to write your own post, you can send a message to the website owner an email with a nice compliment on his post and tell him that you have wrote an article that can support his post and ask him to check it. If he will find it interesting, there is a chance that he will add a link to your blog post. 

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