How to create xml google shop feed in mvc core

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one of the options to upload your products information to your google shop feed at is using xml file. it will be better if your xml file is acutely a dynamic link in your site that is being created every time you open the url.


when  you populate the product item you need to add all the required fields and pay attention to the value options we have. the complete list can be found at

here you can find the required fields:

Basic product info
id - max 50 characters
title - max 150 characters
description - max 5000 characters
link - 

Price & availability
'availability: 'in stock', 'out of stock', 'preorder
price - numeric ISO 4217 (price is numeric and you can select price unit from the link  )

Product identifiers
brand - max 70 characters
gtin - (product’s Global Trade Item Number) max 50 numeric characters
mpn - (product’s Manufacturer Part Number) max 70 alphanumeric characters

if your product doesn't have both a gtin and mpn set the attribute identifier_exists to no

Detailed product description
condition - 'new', 'refurbished', 'used'
adult - 'yes', 'no' => fill in 'yes' if your product contains nudity or sexually content. the default is no if the attribute is not submitted
multipack - Integer, greater than 1. if the attribute is not submitted the value is 0. use this attribute when you sell number of identical products  as a single unit

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